Thursday, April 15, 2010

White Trash Wedding Video

There is nothing classier than a Bride walking down the aisle, oh wait I guess you haven’t been to a White Trash Wedding. Check out this video of a classic White Trash Wedding. Want to see more White Trash pictures and videos check out White Trash Nation.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

White Trash Pictures

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White Trash Nation

Coming to you from trailer parks and Walmart parking lots across America, it's White Trash Nation! Where army boots and daisy dukes are every girl's wardrobe du jour and bottle swigging is a competitive event.

Put on your best bright red lip gloss and check out White Trash Nation, where boys will be boys and girls will be collecting beer cans and drive through! It's a world that only real white trash can understand - with free pics, videos and wild tales of cow tipping and beating the unemployment system, white trash nation lets you see how real America gets it's jollies.

Log on for free and upload your white trash experience today! Want to really contribute? Just stand outside your nearest Walmart or 99 cent store and snap off a few digi's with your phone camera - odds are you'll get some great white trash shots of your own!

Check out White Trash Nation